With AWP underway I feel pretty extatic at the moment, save for the food poisoning, this is about as overwhelming and wonderful as I’d expected. 

It’s still early in the day so I’ve not had a chance to accumulate enough experience for a full post, though taking a break from wandering the book fair and thought it a good moment to reflect in blog form. 

The way here hasn’t been all that easy.  Blood (plasma) sweat (I really shouldn’t have worn a suit) and tears (the aforementioned food poisioning) have all played a vital part.  

But I’m here now, and if you are too than don’t let the overwhelming nature of the convention get to you.  You belong here, I belong here, if we keep that in mind this can be pretty rad.

Well, as long as we don’t vomit into two doggy bags in front of another editor due to crippling nausea of course. 


In Defense Of Finn / Star Wars Nerd Rage/ Spoilers!!!


Okay, so not so much rage, but it makes for a better title. 

Besides, fear leads to hate, hate leads to rage and rage leads to trolling blog posts. 

So After seeing Star Wars : Th Force Awakens I left with mixed emotions about Finn, who up until the release was thought to be our be next Jedi. 

I was a little disappointed when he wasn’t force sensitive, but still loved his character. 

Not everyone did though, and that’s OK.  I just don’t get some of the arguments I’ve seen online. 

Multiple articles (I’ll probably post later, writing this from my phone) have compared him to Jar Jar in the sense of his uselessness, and even have gone so far as calling him a useless character.  

I had a different theory. 

I saw him as a parallel to Han’s character in the original trilogy, primarily in the sense of character arc. 


This character is completely unlinked to the greater story but is thrown into this galactic conflict. He is a coward at the start of things, or at least he doesn’t realize he has the potential to be a hero.  
He grows through the movie, finding something to fight for in Rey, the only person who believes he can do more (much like Luke’s argument with Han before he’d “left” before the climax of New Hope).  
He wants to get away from something that dangers his life, (like Jabba to Han) but through being near other heroic characters like idealistic Rey (Luke) and trained freedom fighter Poe (Leia) he sees that individuals can make a difference.  
Also we have to remember this is the first movie, and this was our introduction to him, we see him reluctantly answering the heroes call. I have no doubt he’ll become more hardened and responsible in the upcoming sequels.  
It’s harder for us to relate him to Han because he’s not as much of a badass from the start, but he has similar conflicts. I enjoyed the humor, and he was essentially a slave who helped overthrow his masters which I think is pretty cool.  

Anyway, I just wanted to vent a tad about that, and if you disagree, awesome! It’s one of the best parts of nerd culture to have opposing (but respectful) viewpoints. 

Team Finn all the way.

Panic ain’t a Disco : Work


Thunder between the ribs that trembles throughout, numbing every inch.  I need air.  You’re halfway through the desert, the next break taunting you from ninety minutes away.  breathe.


I’m going to die at work. No you’re not.

I’m going to die, and crap my pants and that will be my legacy in this office, Chuck the pants crapper

Don’t panic.

Be like water, or a blue jazz night, or an overused meme.  Don’t.  Fucking.  Panic.


You’re panicking.  You’re panicking about panicking about nothing.  You don’t deserve to panic, there are a million things in this world that can burn you, this? This you can put out.


I think the customer has given me their account twice already,  I can only blame my computer so many times.  I’m going to get fired, if I don’t pass out, if I don’t die.


When you come out of this, I want you to remember how much of a wuss you are.

How much of this was under your control.  Maybe if you stuck to that whole not smoking thing, maybe if you didn’t chug your double black coffee like a dickweed, maybe if you scheduled a doctors appointment you could have avoided this.


Swallow the fire, finish the call, and get some air.  This ends like it all ends, when you push through.

Return of the Mac Without a Book

Hah, I love a good pun.

I mean, I am a PC guy, but Mac and book, and the fact that I haven’t blogged in forever, and also I still haven’t finished editing my book.


It’s punny.


So, there’s been a lot I’ve wanted to write about.  Lets start with the awesome:


AWP ticket


and also,



So, it’s official, I’m going to AWP.


I haven’t finished my run at the Plasma center yet, due to some health issues arising I’ve taken a hiatus.  Thankfully there is this mystical thing called “credit” that I used to procure my room and flight.


I fear using money I don’t actually have, but the price of plane tickets just kept going up and up, so plastic saves the day.


Originally my girlfriend was going to come with me and just hang in LA while I walked the floor, meeting other writers and publishers.  That didn’t work out though, due to the cost of travel and concerns about her work schedule.  So it looks like I’ll be solo.


I’ve been dealing with some odd emotions since I bought the plane ticket.


Am I wasting money I should be investing into something else?

                               Am I going to have beta reading and more edits done in time?

Are my hostel mates going to have gas throughout the night?

                                             Am I fucking nuts?

                                                                    Why can’t I see that I’m a moron?

What if all my life, anyone who has told me that I can do this, that believe in me, are wrong?


I can’t answer any of them.

I want to publish my novel, but more than that I want to publish a good novel.  I just have to keep pushing, keep writing, and, hopefully, keep blogging.

AWP 8 – I Got 77 Problems and Marketing is Most Definitely One

This donation was pretty seamless, though I was having trouble deciding on working on editing my book or homework as I pumped away.  I chose to indulge in what I find to be, more than anything at this point, a guilty pleasure. 


 I found this resource while, funny enough, reading through blogs after I finished my first draft. I was searching for recommendations on editing and what agents look for and came across an article on Writers Digest that Mike Nappa wrote-

I really enjoyed his style and wanted to check out his book, though I won’t go into a book review here because it’s not what this title promised, (one of the topics that Mike Nappa covers) but I did want to talk about something that I was toiling over during my donation.
One of Nappa’s chapters goes over the importance of maintaining a level of professionalism with your online persona, as it’s something agents may dig through in order to get a better picture of who you are and how marketable you’ve made yourself.  
Can authenticity get lost in maintaining a professional image though? I know, the obvious response is…
 “You’re worried about maintaining your artistic voice this early in the game? That’s cute.” 
At least that’s what I’m telling myself while writing this. I don’t have an answer, but I thought it was worth talking about for a moment, and seeing if anyone had an opinion. 
My blog focuses on a few different topics (as of the entry of this post at least) and those are my current journey to AWP, short pieces of writing and prompts that I want to share, and things I’m picking up as I edit my novel. 
I don’t have much in the way of credentials as a writer at this point, save for a few freelancing gigs, so I need to be careful what I put out there if I want agents to take me seriously when I do approach them, but does that mean I shouldn’t be authentic? I don’t know, I just have to keep writing and researching and hopefully I’m not misguided. 
Anyway the entire book is well worth reading, as we as writers can sometimes find the ins and outs of publishing tiresome and terrifying we need to take time to strategize what is just as important- marketing. 
Random rant complete. ^_^ 

Writing Prompt 

I decided it’d be good to get out of my manuscript editing and clear my head with a prompt, so here’s one I scribbled 🙂  Since we’re about to hit October I decided I a little horror, hope it’s engaging.  

Prompt : Something Wrapped
    We wait for them to fall; for what we’ve done, for what they’re owed. Daddy says we don’t owe em nothin. Daddy says they shiftless and they tired. Daddy ain’t really say too much more about them since the first one fell.
   Use to be a day that they ain’t make much noise. They just hang there like strange fruit unplucked while we ate smacky sandwitches and sung about glory as they swayed back and forth, back and forth. We’d wrap the hands, not everyone do that but we ain’t like Randy Portson and his dumb-head daddy, if you ain’t smart enough to wrap a nigger’s hands you ain’t got no business wrapping up his neck. He’ll just toss about, try to claw his way out of it and you’ll end up shooting him dead before the picnic even begin.

           The first time it happened it was so fast. The fallen was dead as dust for an hour or so and his tater brown skin sagged like dewy shit paper. We danced. I think Johnny Carey woulda asked me out that day if he got the chance. Daddy woulda had a fit. What type of boy has two first names’ he’d say. 

Then the fall.
The sound of the snapping rope whipped all our tention’ round. He growled. He wasn’t a man anymore. Not that we gave him much of a chance to be one in the first place. He was strong, stronger than Johnny, Daddy or any other man tried to stop him. He was hungry, and bit at em, at their necks and face and anything else good lord gave shine to. He had a picnic of his own and bit through seven of us before we gunned it down.
It’s been happening all over. Daddy, me and the other five that got bit ain’t been feeling so hot this past week but ahm sure we fine. Everything is going to be just fine.