To Making Sure We Stay Great


Where do we begin now?  Do we remind them, tired rhapsody it’s becoming…?

That Black lives matter?

That LGBTQ lives matter?

That Latino/a lives matter?

That Muslim lives matter?



Standing on the street in my cyanide skin, I see a white man wail that we’ve made America great again!

We’ve made you remember the pecking order, again.

You have no name in the street, again.

Give us your soul, give us your sanity, give us the glory and we’ll give you a bible, again.

In his breast pocket is the picture of a child who will one day bear witness to the deplorable, to the fire forged finger tips, snatching and grabbing pussy.

Telling her to smile.

Telling her did you hear me?

Telling her you should have just listened to me.

Telling her, now clean yourself up.

And it’s OK, because the man on the street is celebrating that it’s OK.

It’s OK, though he called her princess and precious, because he voted that it’s OK.

I don’t know what to tell you.  I’ve been, like many with a pen and a predatory skin complexion, going to the new wave water cooler.  The tweets, where we tell a story of 140 characters, that feel like a hundred and forty matches trying to spark flame in the belly of a snow man.

This is though, I try to remind myself, not an end but a chance at beginning.  So milk your bones, for the walking for the marching.  Build your bodies, and gain the strength to carry one another.  Shut off the box, and feed your mind not of the tragedy on the screen, but the words.  The ones that are there for the taking, even if they try to tell you different.

Don’t forget, it’s now about building the tinder and torch, for the fire next time.

What it’s about, is taking your green so they see your black, your brown, your everything they tell you isn’t worth the time, it doesn’t inflate their pockets.

Stop buying for more bruises, stop spending for more sour.

We now become more.

This weekend though? Imma go on and eat my Chipotle fried Chipotle

Sip some wine and smoke my cigs.

I say goodbye though after, to the things that tatter and wear, because sitting is now the option for the one, but not the other.


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