With AWP underway I feel pretty extatic at the moment, save for the food poisoning, this is about as overwhelming and wonderful as I’d expected. 

It’s still early in the day so I’ve not had a chance to accumulate enough experience for a full post, though taking a break from wandering the book fair and thought it a good moment to reflect in blog form. 

The way here hasn’t been all that easy.  Blood (plasma) sweat (I really shouldn’t have worn a suit) and tears (the aforementioned food poisioning) have all played a vital part.  

But I’m here now, and if you are too than don’t let the overwhelming nature of the convention get to you.  You belong here, I belong here, if we keep that in mind this can be pretty rad.

Well, as long as we don’t vomit into two doggy bags in front of another editor due to crippling nausea of course.