Ding! Let’s have a first post.

My name is Charles  J Eskew.

Except when it’s not.

I’m a writer, or something like it, and I haven’t kept a journal in quite a long time…

The first journal I had was back when I was twelve years old, imagine this guy.


But twelve.  He was pretty dope.

He had a lot of ideas about creating a lot of people who did a lot of things that fixed a lot of problems.

One of them used a Double Sided ‘Denki-Yari’ and the coveted Densho X Punch! *Spoilers* the bad guy was his mom (correction, space mom).

he watched way too much anime.

He believed that condoms go on after sex, God wasn’t so much an enigmatic creator but his personal celestial bro, and

Everyone who said they didn’t masturbate was telling the truth, because everyone told the truth.

He believed that he had special powers, because he could do this neat ringing sound in his head that wasn’t so much like a grumble, and like he totes

Wanted to apply to Xavier’s school for gifted youngsters even though he knew there was no such thing as Xavier’s school for gifted youngsters

But since he had a cool rumbly noise in his head that sounded like his parents schway (whatever-car-company) Escort when it drove over gravel he had to of been a reality warping

Omega level mutant who could just create the X-Men if he wanted to and thankfully since there was no Wikipedia or internet that he could use without tying up the phone line he had no way to research and find out that it was actually just the tensor tympani muscle and he could control it.

He didn’t give any fucks about run on sentences.

He knew that he would definitely probably marry a girl whose last name was Pumpkins.  Except of course her name really wasn’t Dumpkins because when he grew up and decided he was self indulgent enough to start a blog talkin ‘bout feels he’d make lazy made up names for people because he has a terrifying dream of them all lining up to kick him in the pee hole if he speaks bad about them.

Anyway, he thought words can change the world, and more specifically glue words, words that said hey, that’s me too!

Anyway I liked that kid and the cut of his iib, so I’m going to keep hope alive by journaling for him.  About life, the universe, and everything including plagerism.

What the hell is a Jib anyway?